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coffeeclass.jpgThanks to all the great folks who came by for our super fun Intro to Cupping class! We had a nice group of 20 or so that (bless their hearts) got themselves out of bed early on a Saturday morning get some coffee schooling. dom.jpgDom demonstrates how to really make the most of the dry aroma. cupping101.jpg cups.jpg Jodi & Chad work the hot water while Daniel keeps the crowd occupied. whiteb.jpg From cupping form to white board..we wrote down all the descriptors everyone came up with to describe the coffees on the table. chads.jpgOur group naturally ended up in our small back room where all the magic happens. Chad waxed poetic on roasting and fire prevention. We will be hosting "coffee school" in a 4 part series that will help folks to fine tune their palates, learn about coffee growing, harvesting & processing, compare brewed single origin to single origin espresso and more really cool stuff. To get in on all the fun, please email Daniel at daniel(at)victrolacoffee(dot)com

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