Empire Blend - Subscription
Empire Blend - Subscription Empire Blend - Subscription Empire Blend - Subscription
$ 13.45

The Empire Blend holds a special place on our menu. When we developed Empire, our goal was to create a blend that would please connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. To that end, Empire is sweet and balanced with bold flavors. Empire is meticulously curated each season with coffees from Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras. It is richly full-bodied with complex notes of caramel, fresh cedar, baking spices, orange peel and a mild yet balanced acidity.

Creating and maintaining blends is a craft unto itself--and Empire is a special example of the care and attention we give to our blends. Coffee comes from nature, and no two beans are exactly alike. Each country, region, and farm has its own character, which can change from season to season. We cup hundreds of coffees throughout the year to find the right components to keep our blends tasting as we conceived them. Our blend components may change from time to time, but we take great care to ensure that Empire and the rest of our blends are dependably delicious throughout the year.