Deco Decaf Blend - Subscription
$ 14.35

12 oz recyclable valve bag

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Producer: ASPROTimana

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Medium / Dark

Tasting Notes:

Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Graham Cracker

Roaster's Notes:

Our best decaf ever! We enjoy our decaf coffee for the flavor not the effect! DECO Decaf is a global partnership with RACAFE to decaffeinate a coffee from our seasonal menu. We serve Ethyl acetate process decaf, which uses sugarcane oil and intense pressure as a medium to force the caffeine out of the unroasted coffee. This process leaves the all natural fruit flavors in the coffee for you to enjoy unlike many of the other decaffeination processes that take everything we love out to be sold as green coffee extract. Our goal is for our decaf coffee to shine along with all our coffees, and this one does; not just because of our partnership with RACAFE but also because this coffee was grown and processed by our longtime friends at ASPROTimana! This is truly a sustainable & transparent decaffeinated coffee!