French Press is a delicious and easy way to start your morning with manual brew coffee. It provides fresh brewed coffee with a full body and not a lot of specialized extra equipment. Because it is a "full immersion" method, you get all of the coffees body and flavor and if you do it right, very little sediment. 

- Pour coffee into mugs or thermos immediately to prevent over-extracting (bitterness).
- Minimize sediment by not-pouring the last ~1.5 ounces

Just-Woke-Up French Press Starter Recipe. (you may adjust to taste)
Because you brew inside the french press, you can use it as your measurements, this method is perfect for early in the morning when you just can't bother with a scale. 

~7 Tbsp of ground coffee Coarse grind (texture of coarse salt, doesn't compress)
Water 198-203 degress (fill 2/3 of press before stirring)
Timer or Timer App

Weight-Based French Press Starter Recipe (for Bodum 8 Cup)
  • 50-55g Ground coffee coarse grind (texture of coarse salt)
  • 700g Water 198-203 degree (~550 for initial bloom, the rest to finish after stirring.) 
  • Scale
  • Mugs
  • Timer or Timer App