Nicaragua Diana Gutierrez
$ 19.50

12 oz recyclable valve bag

Origin: Nicaragua

Producer: Diana Gutierrez
Farm: Finca La Vanguardia
Process: Honey
Variety: Java
Elevation: 1450 MASL

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes:
Mixed Berry, Lime, Caramel

Roaster's Notes

Thirteen years ago, the López Gutiérrez Family acquired this property of approximately 60 hectares for potato production. However, from the beginning, the potential of the area for high-altitude ornamental and fruit products was noticed. With an innovative vision, emphasizing ecological sustainability, the use of agricultural technology and social responsibility with their workers, the López Gutiérrez Family developed non-traditional crops in the area, inclusive in the country. La Vanguardia’s coffee grows at altitudes of 1450 meters above sea level. We count with special varieties such as Java and Maragogipe. The innovative management on the farm consists of recollecting coffee during the harvest in plastic boxes, this is done to prevent soil contamination. Natural and honey processes are dried in “African Beds”. Micro lotes are managed with a monitored and controlled fermentation process, mostly Lactic and Alcoholic fermentation. With this family project, they have contributed to the economy of 45 different families every year through permanent jobs with employee benefits. Additionally, through their innovative management, they contribute to the improvement of land use in the protected area and to the diversification of farms with non-traditional and more eco-friendlier crops in the community.