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Once again, we are proud to announce the return of the Eithiopia Yirgacheffee YIRGZ. The Z in YIRGZ stands for zero defect.  This means that the coffee is treated to an extra rigorous sorting process. First the beans are subjected to screen sizing, next they are sorted by color and finally they are hand sorted. The beans are hand sorted for 12 minutes per 14 kilo batch, or three times longer than what is typical for the region. This process, in combination with the fantastic growing conditions, provide the coffee with a pristine clarity and intense flavor. Yirgz1 We source the coffee through Keffa Coffee, a specialty coffee broker. Keffa Coffee is set apart not just by their commitment to quality coffee, but also in their dedication to support and sustain the people involved in producing their coffees.  Keffa Coffee works closely with the specialty growers, mill owners, exporters at origin, and roasters, to ensure that the coffee is procured fairly.  Even with fluctuations in coffee prices, the farmers’ and pickers’ wages stay consistent.  Most of the hand sorting is done by women, whom Keffa pays three times the national average, allowing them to provide their families with a much higher quality of life. yirgz2 Keffa Coffee was founded in 2006 by Samuel Demisse. Samuel grew up in Agaro, Ethiopia, where he learned coffee and the coffee industry from his father. Since then, he has  gone on to place Third at the 2015 United States Cup Tasters Championship, 4th in 2014, and was the Second Place Winner of both the 2011 and 2013 USCT championships. Samuel is also a certified Q grader. We hope that you enjoy the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe YIRGZ not just for it’s complex flavor but also, for it’s fascinating backstory.

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