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victrola_40-3345415331-OIt is always an exciting day in the roastery when a new coffee arrives. It marks the end of one part of a journey and the beginning of another. Recently, we received two micro lots from the Huila region in Colombia. Their arrival marked the end of a months long process. We received initial samples of the two lovely coffees, one from Finca La Esmeralda and another from Finca El Mirador, just after they were harvested, right around the New Year. These initial, or origin, samples were our opportunity to decide if we wanted to purchase these particular lots. Like all of the coffees we put on the single origin menu, the decision to purchase these lots was made on the cupping table. In early March, after the harvest had been finished, processed and prepared for shipping, we received another sample, the pre-ship. This sample gave us a chance to check back in with the coffee and determine that the quality of the initial sample was retained in the processing of the coffee. Again, both samples were excellent on the cupping table. It can take around two months for coffees to get from point of origin to the West Coast, so when these micro lots arrived down in the Bay Area, we were sent another round of samples just to make sure that nothing went awry on the long journey from Colombia to us. Once again, both samples cupped out great and we gave the go ahead to ship the coffees here to the roastery.

            At long last, we have these two lovely micro lots here with us and can begin the process of developing a roast profile for each coffee. We will keep you posted with our progress, but be looking for these two coffees to hit the menu around the end of the month.

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