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PES_7538Be Present. I had the opportunity to visit one of our great wholesale partners and my personal friend in Fresno this week for some strategic planning. We are similar age and both own our own retail coffee shop, in addition to many other business and personal activities.  We see eye to eye on most everything. We had a couple meetings around town and as we traveled between various activities we found ourselves popping into his shop for one reason or another. Each time we would get a coffee, he would check things over, and say hello to a few customers. As I watched him and his interactions is was so evident that his business was as much a part of himself as he was a part of it. I will be honest I felt a little convicted by his passion and presence of mind as well as personal connection to his people. I know there have been many mornings where all I make time to do is run into my own shop, grab a cup of coffee in a mad dash, and fly out the door. I feel that if my business whose mission and identity was birthed from my heart isn't regularly near the founder of its identity, it could lose its way. Even though your employees are a part of your team and help you to carry the vision of what your business should be, they don't have the same drive and passion as you the owner. If we commit to inspire through our presence our people, employees and customers alike, we will set the tone of the business we do on a daily basis and the kind of business you want to do going forward. Nothing instills confidence in customer's eyes like seeing the owner of a business engaged in its daily operation. I know I plan on making more intentional time to model our mission for customers and staff. Coffee is love, love is life, and life is good. Joshua

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