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Jeremy McDermottSeven years ago I walked into a cafe on 15th Avenue. I had been told by several friends, whom I regarded  as reliable sources, that this was where the best coffee in Seattle was served. I had never tasted anything like it. I had been working in coffee for quite a while with much larger companies but this was different. There was so much care put into each individual drink and the baristas made authentic connections with their regular customers- I wanted to be a part of what this place was doing. I attended a cupping and the rest is history. I think about my first Victrola experience and I am excited about the customer who will walk into one of our cafes for the first time today. Every day we have the opportunity to share something new, be creative and interact with our community over an amazing cup of coffee. I am very proud of the progress we have made, where we are going and the people who contribute to and share in our vision. Developing people within our organization is a process that is both humbling and rewarding for me. I take great pride in being involved with the growth of individuals who are passionate and want to share that passion. Availing myself as a resource to my team and striving to make good use of everything I have learned in order to constantly improve what we do is what keeps me motivated and inspired. - Jeremy McDermott - Director of Retail Operations  

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