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Image **Update - we have received word that Victrola's roast of the Colombia Geisha has scored a 96 on Coffee Review. Much thanks to Ken Davids for the review! This is Victrola's highest score to date & we're oh-so-excited to be able to share the coffee with you. Order beans online or run to your neighborhood Victrola to taste it as a pour over cup for $15. Victrola is proud to announce the first batch of Colombia Geisha AAA has been roasted and shipped to very happy customers. The re-up orders have been coming in as well & reports are all very positive. Glen on Facebook says: "Your Colombian Geisha smells like Fruit Loops. It's fantastic." Now, while that might be true, it is a very delicate and floral kind of aroma. Don't expect to get a hit of synthesized sugary fruit and cereal grains, but rather a gentle waft of strawberry and honeysuckle followed by flavors of coffee infused honeycomb and tropical fruits. He's right on about one thing though - it IS fantastic! You'd like to taste a cup before you pre-order a bag of beans? No problem, buddy. We are roasting this very limited lot of Colombia Geisha every Friday for the next few weeks so it will be available at the cafes on 15th Ave and on Pike St as a Pour Over option for $15 per cup. But it won't last much longer than that! Let us prepare a cup of this awesome coffee using the Hario Brewing set-up and weight parameters that we've designed specifically for this coffee. If you choose to bring home a little Colombia Geisha - it's $59.75 for an 8oz package and worth every penny -  the Pour Over parameters that we've found yield the best flavor are as follows: 19g Coffee, 300g Water. Need a scale? You got it, Image We are so excited to be able to offer this amazing and rare coffee to you all. This Geisha varietal from the award-winning farm in the Valle del Cauca region is why we do what we do - it's delicious, rare, very high quality and has a great story. Not to be missed! See you at the cafe!

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