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Ever wondered what would happen if Victrola, Theo Chocolate & Elysian Brewing got together and produced a lovechild Beer? I can tell you - we've done it and it tastes awesome. Brew Dogs, a tv show dedicated to highlighting innovative alcoholic concoctions, challenged the three of us along with Chris Young - food scientist, to produce the world's most caffeinated beer. Even though it was a challenge from a tv program and taste-o-vision hasn't been invented yet, we took the challenge seriously & wanted the finished beer to actually taste really good. The cacao nibs used were from Congo, the cold brew was a Uganda natural/Nicaragua blend and the caffeine extract was squeezed from a light-roast Brasil we roasted especially for this project. The result was amazing.Image

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Filming yesterday at Elysian Brewery on Capitol Hill Seattle was crazy - we learned what a long and involved process it is to produce a simple television segment. From setting up lights to signing release forms to creating an enthusiastic audience to getting the lines just right, it was quite the production.


The Fix was a great project that was a hit at the release party and taping last night. During development, we got to really nerd out with our gastronomic colleagues and new friends at Elysian Brewing & Theo Chocolate . I can say we created something artistic and wonderful that we can be proud of! Plus watching the Scottish hosts from Brew Dogs get excited about our Beer was great too! The Seattle episode of Brew Dogs will air in the fall on the new Esquire Network.


Here's a blurb from deadline.com about the upcoming show: "For BREW DOGS (WT), produced by Custom Productions and Redtail Media, Scottish “beer evangelists” James Watt and Martin Dickie travel across America with a vital mission: to prove that the drink of the masses doesn’t need to taste mass-produced. In each episode of the 6×60 series, James and Martin, who own the UK’s fastest-growing brewery, visit a different American beer town, celebrate distinctive craft beers and create their own locally-inspired draft."

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