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Image Ken Davids and his co-tasters have kind words to say about Victrola's newest Single Origin Espresso. The featured article on CoffeeReview.com reveals that our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere SOE is the best of its class this month. We are so proud to reveal a score of 92 for this amazingly delicate, citrusy espresso! "The highest rated of the high-grown washed, light-to-medium-roasted nominations was a sweetly bright, classically lemony and floral Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Victrola Coffee Roasters (92) that at a medium roast succeeded in coming across as zesty rather than sharp, with the elegant aromatic vivacity of the Yirgacheffe washed type mostly intact." The Kochere SO Espresso is available on the bar at Victrola on 15th Ave and soon at the cafe on E Pike St. This high-elevation washed coffee was a favorite from our menu last summer and we have been having a great time sharing it with you again this year. Coffee Review favored the drip profile Kochere at a score of 92 then and we're thrilled to see it rank well again in 2013!

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