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  Huehuetenango is an incubator of fine coffee farms, including many Cup of Excellence winners such as Finca La Bolsa.  Nestled between two large mountains, La Bolsa has two rivers that cross the property, leaving an island on which sits the farmhouse, school, mill, and drying patios.  Dr. Jorge Vides Molina purchased the land to start a coffee farm in 1956.  Each year he planted a new section and today 80 of the 100 hectares grow coffee.  Now run by María Elena Vides de Ovalle y Condueñas, La Bolsa has built a school on the property for the local children, a hydroelectric plant, and uses earthworms to make organic fertilizer.  With the abundant natural spring water on the property, they also donate their surplus water to Municipio La Mesilla, on the Mexican border. Our microlot from Finca La Bolsa in Huehuetenango embodies the definition of piquant: agreeably spicy, savory, zesty, and pungent, while achieving the balance and sweetness expected from a distinguished Guatemalan coffee.  The acidity reminds us of orange, soaring elegantly above the rich middle range in the cup.  Maple syrup, nuts, hickory, and baking chocolate fill the bottom and middle, with savory hints of warming spices in the background and finish.  Even with the intensity this cup offers, it remains balanced and approachable. Finca La Bolsa has placed well multiple times in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence (COE), and it is not surprising considering the other winners in the neighborhood.  The well known COE champion Finca El Injerto is next door, and two coffees have some interesting similarities. Facts Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango Altitude: ~4600-5250ft (1400-1600 meters) Process:  washed, sun dried Varietals:  Bourbon, Caturra Farm Size: 100 hectares of which 80 are planted with coffee (approx. 250 acres total) Farm owner: María Elena Vides de Ovalle y Condueñas Tasting Notes Aroma/Flavor: Maple Syrup, Orange, Baking Chocolate, Hickory, Nuts, Spices Body: medium - Acidity: orange citrus Finish: warming spices Guatemala La Bolsa is available in the cafes as Pour Over & French Press. You can find bags of whole bean Guat La Bolsa in the cafe and online for $14.25 for 12 oz.

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