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When we think of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe region, we think of vast high mountains. We can picture the lush green undulating landscape breathing slowly in and out as the wind and hot sun sweeps over its full trees boasting branches heavy with red coffee cherries ready to be harvested. The air is thin at 6550 feet. Those little cherries have worked their hearts out to produce the delicately sweet yet floral flavor distinctive of Yirgacheffe coffees. This year we’ve found a remarkable Yirg from the district of Kochere where our little heirloom cherries have been washed and dried at the mill then shipped by sea and land to our garage at the Roastery on Pike St. Touted for a complex and intense aroma, and a “light but syrupy-textured mouthfeel”, the Kochere is so remarkable, it’s earned a lofty score of 92 on coffeereview.com We couldn’t be prouder to offer it to you as a French Press, Pour Over and Single Origin Espresso at our cafes. Enjoy this classic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe at home for $16.50 per 12 oz. bag or order online Image

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