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This past week we released 2 great new Victrola Reserve Coffees from Kenya. The Kenya Thika- Chania Estate- Natural and the Kenya Mathira- Ruthagati AB Washed are both exceptional. The Chania Estate Natural is an extremely rare find. While naturally processed coffees are common in near by growing regions (such as Ethiopia and Yemen), this old method of processing coffee is not often found in Kenya. The natural processing adds a ridiculous sweetness to the cup (think ripe strawberry and marionberry). Rounding out the cup is a floral, almost rose-like nuance. Juicy, medium-bodied and clean, the Kenya Mathira- Ruthagati AB provides a near perfect compliment to the Chania Estate Natural. A deep, rich, and sweet fig mingles with a brighter peach flavor in the cup. These two coffees are around for but a twinkle of the eye, so my suggestion is to buy them both, and soon. Retail: $15.50/ 8 oz

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