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Brand New! El Salvador La Libertad Finca Matalapa, a delightful coffee with a vibrant citrus acidity combined with cocoa, baked apple, and maple syrup in the cup- a truly exceptional medium-bodied Central America. The Finca: The Finca Matalapa has twice qualified in the Cup of Excellence competition, the last time in 2008 in 10th place. The micro-lot is named for the large Amate tree in the middle lower section of the Finca. Processing: All of Finca Matalapa’s coffees are carefully processed in Beneficio el Paraiso to fully develop and enhance its inherent qualities. When the carefully selected cherries are picked they are processed the day they are received in the Beneficio. They are immediately passed through the de-pulping and fermenting stages. Later the coffee is sun dried on patios and stored in parchment. When a lot of from Finca Matalapa is prepared for export it goes first through a hulling machine to remove the parchment then through various classifying machines (some by weight, others by size and still others by color). The final sorting is done by hand. Special note: Former Victrola barista Kyle Glanville used coffee from this farm when he won the U.S. Barista Championship. Availability: Retail, French press, Pour over and soon Single Origin Espresso

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