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Have you seen the Carmo De Minas bag? Did you notice the new green "Farm to Cup" label? A new label, you ask? Why? Well, here you go, I will tell you. A number of months ago we were thinking- we have all of these great coffees with remarkable stories and we are doing so little to share them with you all. Sure, we have practically been writing novellas about each coffee we release, and compiling them into a nice little book form, but really who has time to read a book when they are trying to decide which coffee to buy (note: if you do- check out our website- it is a great resource). In order to help you, dear, modern coffee buyer, we have already started to make it easier for you. We re-designed our offering sheet in the style of a wine menu, with succinct tasting notes, and have created the "Farm to Cup" and "Reserve" labels as quick reference guides. When you see the "Farm to Cup" label, you can be assured that the farmer was paid well, that good farming practices were used, and that the supply chain is traceable and transparent. Our "Reserve" label is short hand for "this coffee you are about to buy is really, really exceptional, possibly award winning, and is available in very limited quantities for just a short time". After all of that, here I arrive at my point: We have a great new Brazil on the menu and it is a "Farm to Cup" coffee. You should try it. Mild and low in acidity, this natural process Brazil brings together a heavy body and a malty sweetness. It is an exceptionally good, a real crowd pleaser. Availability: Retail, Pour over and French Press

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