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Ok, it was the Mole that pushed me over the edge. I have been meaning to write a blog about the new soup up on 15th for a while, but this morning (yes, before 10 am), when I heard rumors of the newest soup, a simple, delightful, cocoa infused Mole Chicken Soup (with free range Chicken!), I was compelled to both pour myself a bowl, for research of course, and then spread the gospel good news of Victrola's soup selections. So here is the lowdown: First, the soups are good. And interesting too, with flavors like, Thai Tomato (Vegan), Hungarian Mushroom, Lemon Orzo Turkey, and White Bean Fennel Ham. They are made locally, with simple, delightful ingrediants. Many are wheat free or vegan. The meat soups are made exclusively with high quality, free range, nitrate free Chicken, Turkey or Ham. And the best part: A small bowl is only $4 plus tax and comes with a couple of slices of Essential Baking Co. baguette.

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