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so harrar How to enjoy our Ethiopia Harrar Makeda-Longberry as a single origin espresso: 1) In a Macchiato (It holds up great! With a little dolop of milk, the dark chocolate undercurrents and the thick, rich, dark body of the shot are amazing!) 2) In a Doppio (You get a little more of the complexity, lots of fruit and almond) 3) In a cappuccino (Subtle and tasty) How not to enjoy (or to only enjoy for a few fleating seconds before you go crazy) the Harrar: 1) Order your regular drink (for me my morning macchiato), savor it. 2) Be tempted by your lovely barista to have your regular drink but now with the Harrar. 3) Drink it quickly because it is so amazing 4) Shake, breathe fast, bite your nails or display any number of other symptoms that you have hade too much coffee Take my advice: Drink the Harrar but please drink it responsibly. Availability: Right now! On the bar at Pike Street and at 15th ave. Retail to come soon.

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