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coffee_kenya_01 This morning at a public cupping I pressed our roaster Perry to tell me something exciting about the Kenya debuting this Friday in our cafes. His reply, with a slight grin and a twinkle in his eye, "Well, It is the best Kenya I have tried all year". The other Kenyas, he explained, had lopsided profiles. They either lacked body and were highly acidic, bright, crisp and clean or they were uninteresting, straddling the middle range, with only subtle hints of dried fruit. The remarkable thing about the Kenya Muthigini, Meru District Peaberry is that it has the best qualities of both categories: it has a grapefruit like acidity rounded out in the cup with fresh raspberries, a subtle spice and a hint of dried apricot. It is has substantial body for a Kenya and is smooth, clean, and well rounded. Kenya Muthigini, Meru District Peaberry: $16/lb Availability: Retail, French Press, Pour Over, and maybe, if we keep our fingers crossed Single Origin Espresso

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