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cupping While general cupping decorum insists that one must not shout out what one thinks something tastes like before others have had a chance to try the coffee for themselves, this past Wednesday, upon trying the yet to be released- but soon to be on the shelves Yirgacheffe Beloya, I exclaimed, "This coffee is just like eating lemon bars in a rose garden". I couldn't help it- it really is like eating lemon bars in a rose garden- sweet, floral, and citrusy- early summer incarnate. Don't worry, if you don't trust my palette, official tasting notes (as well as regional information and pricing) are all to come soon. BTW: Speaking of delicious one of Victrola's newest wholesale accounts (with both espresso on tap and retail bags of Victrola's beans) is serving up some of the tastiest cupcakes in town. cupcake Check out The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company online or visit them at their delightful Belltown location: 2209 4th Avenue, Seattle

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