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stephen While being a Vickie barista may make you popular, it usually doesn't happen as quickly or as with as much panache as it has happened this time. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but last week our brand new barista, Stephen, graced the pages of the Seattle University's newspaper the Spectator, with an analysis of Victrola's steadfastness during the economic downturn. Some of his quips immortalized in print are: "People are downsizing what they drink!" and "A lot of people really identify with their drink-you know, they are a vanilla cappuccino!". - Hmm. Wise words for such a new Vickie. Don't think that Stephen's witty little comments are limited to the page. Just the other day, after describing my pain resulting from a new workout routine involving racing up the neighborhood water tower, Stephen chimed in, "Yah, I am sore too, I have been doing this new workout with a Navy Seal". I exclaimed, or something like, "Wow, you have been working out with a buff Navy Seal, I am but a small shadow to your immense stature of coolness." Then he told me it was on TV. Come meet him for yourself. He is around both Victrola on 15th and Beacon Hill.

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