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worker-small1 This past July our Head Roaster, Perry, traveled to Colombia with Atlas Coffee Importers. Not only did Perry have the chance to meet the producers and visit the farms in the community of Monserrate, he also had the opportunity to be a judge in a competition of the communities various micro-lots. With cash prizes and exacting standards, competitions like this are exciting for the industry, as they push the bar ever higher, encouraging farmers to develop ever exacting standards and distinctive flavor profiles. Even though these coffees were grown so close together, in such similar circumstances, each lot had unique characteristics. For Perry, the lot judged to be fourth over all, stood out as exceptional. He has brought us back this personal favorite, what we are calling, Colombia Huila Mejor de Monserrate #4. The coffee is indeed exceptional, with its vanilla, toffee, and floral notes, bright, crisp acidity, all topped off with hints of pomegranate and currant like red fruit.

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