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As in mustache... andrewdoughnutforblog Over the past weeks you may have noticed a little more facial hair on your favorite barista- maybe it was a beard on an otherwise clean cut guy or a pencil thin line across the upper lip of a usually smooth face. "Why?" you ask. Well last week, we let all of our creativity flow as we shot photographs for our first ever (and perhaps only) Victrola Mustache Calendar. I am pretty sure we left nothing out- in addition to the traditional version above, we also had drawn on, stuck on and glued on staches of all shapes and sizes. Our hope is to have the calendar ready for sale before the Christmas holiday. I can't think of a better gift (well, a more entertaining one at least). Put your mind at ease, we are not exploiting our baristas for our own gain, all proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Treehouse, a non-profit organization that helps foster children in the area.

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