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Any minute now (well, by tomorrow at the latest :) AJ Power will be hanging his art on the walls at Victrola on 15th.  Lucky us, we got a preview, shown above. Our May artist writes a little about his work:

I worked as a Federal Observer on fishing vessels out of Dutch Harbor Alaska in 1999 - responsible for monitoring compliance, estimating catch quantity, recording bycatch, recording endangered species. Observers are otherwise known as “fish cops”, although there is actually little power that comes with the title. The sinking of the Alaska Ranger, the death of the captain and the fishmaster, the account of the Observer onboard, helped form the impetus for this new body of work. Elemental Forces. Consumption. Death at Sea. Indifference and Ecstasy.

I also paint a lot of birds (my background is in the life sciences) and enjoy making associations between these and other bodies of work- you will see examples of some of these paintings here.

Want to help celebrate the unveiling?  The artist's reception will be held at Victrola on 15th, Saturday, May 3rd, from 7-9pm.  Can't make it?  The work will be up through May.

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