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Perry makes a coffee angel on the drying patio Now that we've been back for little over a month now, we figured it was time to share our experience during Victrola's first trip to origin. Our first mission: to cull through our thousands of photos and get them up on the walls. Well, mission accomplished; if you walked into V2 right now, that's what you'd see. It'll be up through May, so come check it out! Next is to get some of those photos where you can see them, right here, right now on your computer screen. So we set up a Google account with some Guatemalan photo albums, separated by photographer. So you can see Mike's, Perry's, and Lindsay's. And Mark's got his Flickr account, so if you've got the time, we've got the photos! Either link directly, or use the Snapshot popout feature above and hold your pointer over the links in this paragraph.
Now, photos are all well and good, but we've got something else up our sleeves... something fun, and free, and you're invited! Keep the evening of Thursday, May 15 open, and we'll have more details for you very soon...

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