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Rachel Dory Starting tomorrow and through April, Victrola on 15th is receiving a wall makeover (just like it does every month with its rotating schedule of exhibiting artists).  This time we are treated to TWO artists!  In alphabetical order, we've got Rachel Dory on the books (please see her sample piece above), who is a rapidly emerging Seattle-based artist, known for her urban and rural "drive-by landscape" paintings that examine the relationships we build and maintain with our natural surroundings. Dave Meckler Joining her will be Dave Meckler, whose work is a journey into the frontiers of digital photography, juxtaposing the likely with the unlikely; turning ordinary scenes into fantastical backdrops.  His goal is to take the everyday -- the expected-- and turn it into something unknown. Jody Joldersma Still showing at Victrola on Pike St is Jody Joldersmawhose work is an exploration of texture in both two and three dimensions. Using multiple self created and traditional techniques she exhibits a dark yet whimsical vision of both animals and people in various compromising and humorous positions.   Yowzah!

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