Here comes the cheer...

We haven't trimmed the tree yet (come on, it's not even December yet!), but we do now have holiday gift sets available for your cheer-making endeavors! They're pretty cute, we have to admit. One is called the Espresso Lover's Gift Box ($22.95), complete with two porcelain demitasse cups & saucers and a 1/2lb of espresso beans. The other is the Coffee Lover's Gift Set ($29.95), which includes two porcelain 5.5oz cappuccino cups & saucers and a 1/2lb bag of our Holiday Blend. Add a Victrola gift card for any amount and you can totally outfit your dearest coffee enthusiast! Coffee Lover’s Gift BoxGift Card & Envelope Speaking of Gift Cards, even more exciting are the adorable little gift card envelopes that we got to decorate with festivity (Tonya, Sarah Jane and I got to sit around a table and go crazy with rubber stamps and 150 envelopes for a half hour... so fun)! Each envelope is unique, and you'll get to see our artistic handiwork if you purchase a gift card for yourself or a buddy! You can find all these goodies in our cafes and online, so have fun!

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