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room.jpg We spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon in the roasting room sample roasting all 30 of the winning Colombia Cup of Excellence coffees. Whenever we sample roast, drinking beer is always part of the process! samples.jpg duvel.jpg Since we don't have a fancy multi barrel sample roaster, it takes us many, many hours to roast 30 samples. We had our Probat and our Diedrich 1lber rigged up to the cooling bin of our IR12. roasters.jpg sroaster.jpg In between batches we set up our new roasting room dart board complete with Victrola brand darts..Chris kicked all of our asses with the first bullseye (not pictured). darts.jpg darts2.jpg In order to determine if we want to bid on any of these coffees at the auction on the 12th we will cup all of them blind (so we aren't influnced by their ranking). We will put some of our favorites on the table at our weekly public cupping this wednesday at 1pm.(see our events page for more details!)boys.jpg babyroast.jpg rossted1.jpg

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