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cuptable.jpg Before I talk about the coffee, can we just admire the gorgeous cupping table built by Chris and Jay? It now lives in the v2 cupping room where we will be doing all our trainings and cuppings. We held our first cupping in the new v2 cupping room yesterday. What better way to christen a cupping table then to lay on 29 award winning coffees! Well, we didn't go through all 29 yesterday. The cupping continues today. These Brazilian coffees were wonderful. Many tasted very much un-like typical Brazils with interesting acidity and fruit in the cup. The auction takes place next week. We are not sure yet if we will be participating in this one but we will certainly keep ya'll posted. brazilcoe1.jpg chrissample.jpg We will be having all of our final inspections this week at the new roastery and expect to be open by Friday (we are keeping our fingers crossed). Our first week will be limited hours so we can make sure we get all the kinks ironed out! Thanks to all who have been stopping by and showing their excitement about having us in the neighborhood down there! v2.jpg

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