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esmerelda.jpg There IS a Santa Claus and his name is Craig.... I nearly had tears in my eyes when I saw this bag of the famous Esmeralda Especial sitting on my desk this week. Flashback to 2004. Standing around a long table at the former Hines Public Market Coffee, Chris and I were lucky enough to cup a coffee like we had never cupped before...The Emseralda Especial. I never knew that coffee could taste like this. It was gorgeous - floral beyond belief, perfumed with jasmine and honeysuckle and bergamot. The cup itself was the cup just keeps on giving. Layers of citrus, earl grey tea, muscat grape and oh so clean. We had the pleasure of sample roasting this coffee ourselves this year right before the 2006 Best of Panama auction. It is a shame to have this coffee on the cupping table with all the other Best of Panama coffees becuase it just overshadows every single one of them! We did a blind cupping but there was no mistaking the Esmeralda. Grown on the Peterson farm in the Boquete region of Panama, this phenomenal coffee has won the number one spot at the Best of Panama auctions since 2004. This year the auction price per pound was just over $50/lb green. We now have a little bit of this stupendous coffee in house. If you are interested in buying some, we will be taking pre-orders as of today. There is a one pound limit per customer. The price is $29.95/half pound and worth every penny (if you attended our cupping series this year, you had a chance to taste this coffee and you know what I'm talking about!). If interested, email us a roaster@victrolacoffee.com.

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