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We just rolled out our new, incredible Lake Tawar Sumatra. This meticulously processed, semi-washed Sumatra hails from the Lintong and Aceh regions surrounding Lake Tawar, and it will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about Indonesian coffee. Yes, the herbal, wood characteristics are here, but in the form of fresh cedar rather than sandalwood. The heavy, syrupy body is also present, but is a faultless second fiddle, providing focus and structure for the brilliant, complete acidity. Custard and blackberry jam begin in the dry aroma, pick up cedar in the crust and round out the pineapple, cannabis and tangerine in the cup. I can't think of a better coffee to have an interesting conversation about--taste it and talk amongst yourselves. Come on in and buy yourself a pound for home lake-tawar.jpg or spend some time with us at the cafe and have your very own individual french press of the good stuff laketawarsign.jpg

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