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edwin.jpg This weekend was the annual Coffee Fest trade show at the convention center. Like any trade show, there were aisles and aisles of, well, crap! Blended drink makers, biscotti peddlers, coffee cup earrings...but amidst all of that there were a few gems. Pictured above is Chris with Edwin Martinez. You may have had the great pleasure of drinking our Guatemala Huehuetenango from Edwins farm, Finca Vista Hermosa. It is always a treat when you get to shake the hand of (or hug) the person who takes such great care to bring you beautiful coffee. Its the kind of direct relationship we like. coffefest.jpg Then there was the Synesso booth. This is a picture of April rockin out some of our Streamline espresso on the best espresso machines in the world. If you have never had the pleasure of working on a Synesso or meeting the great folks who created and build this beauty (Mark, Sandy & Caleb) call them up and go check it out. This is hand crafted, well built machinery made right here in Seattle. How did we get so lucky? A nice addition to the trade show this year was some roasters showcasing their Single Origin coffees (many of them Cup of Excellence winners) by the cup as well as companies like Batdorf and Bronsen holding cuppings.

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