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bike.jpgWe are quite honored to be one of the stops on this weekends "Patchkit Alleycat"..a killer bike ride that will tour around Seattle, making stops at local beer, coffee and bike joints. Our pal David Shaprio is heading up the event.... In celebration of bikes, bikeshops, beer, coffee, the 327 word essay, and to squeeze all the remaining fun from summer before college starts again, 327Words, in conjunction with supportive bicycle retailers, drinking establishments, and coffeeshops, presents the First Annual 327Words Patchkit Alleycat, to be held on Saturday, September 23, 2006, starting precisely at 3:27 in the afternoon. Participants will be required to visit 3 coffeeshops, 2 bars, and 7 bikeshops to complete the race. Confirmed coffee stops include Victrola and Zeitgeist, bikeshops on tap include Velo Stores, Recycled Cycles, Free Range, and TI Cycles; bars to be determined; after-party, though, is scheduled to take place at Madrona Eatery. At each bar, riders will be provided with a malt beverage, and at each coffeeshop, a cup of joe. At the initial bikeshop--2020 Cycle--riders will receive an empty patchkit box. Then, at their six subsequent stops, they will pick up another item for the kit—vulcanizing fluid, patches, sandpaper, etc.—completing the race when their patchkit has seven components, including the box. Prizes are expected to be awarded for Fastest Overall Times, First Lady, DFL, and Miss(ter) Congeniality. Entry fee will be a suggested donation of 10 dollars, which will cover each rider’s patchkit, beer, and coffee. No one, however, will be turned away if he or she really wants to ride; “scholarships” are available. For more info visit http://327words.blogspot.com/2006/08/327-words-patchkit-alleycat.html

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