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oyster2.jpg oyster1.jpg Being in the coffee business has changed the way I smell and taste. Cupping every day has made my senses hyper aware of every subtlety in any food or beverage I consume. I often find myself thinking a little too much about what it is exactly I am tasting or smelling. I am finding that some food and drinks that I once detested are now interesting and wonderful and that somehow my palate is more knowledgable and I am just beginning to understand.... I always thought that I hated oysters. I remmember trying them as a kid and being absolutely turned off..never wanting to put something like that in my mouth ever again! Thanks to the insistence of a recent out of town visitor, I decided to try a raw oyster again at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. It was a Kumamoto. It was sweet and buttery with a hint of mineral and a very, very slight taste of ocean brine.It was wonderful! I couldn't stop thinking about this incredible oyster and when I would be able to eat some again! The Kumamoto oyster originated on the southernmost island of Japan, Kyushu. They were brought to Humbolt Bay in California 50 years ago and are now raised in both California and Washington. They are known for their deeply cupped shells which are home to a wonderfully plump & delicious oyster! While in the glorious Pike Place Market yesterday, braving the pre 4th of July crowds, I was able to buy a dozen Kumamotos harvested from the nearby Whidbey Island. It is a real treat to live in a place that has such an incredible bounty of produce & seafood. While Chris was sample roasting up some more coffees this afternoon, I had the pleasure of eating these incredible, fresh oysters ..tasting every subtle flavor & wondering how I ever lived without them!

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