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Saturday, May 6, 9:30 a.m. @Victrola dancup.jpgcolcup.jpg Have you ever wanted to know just what it is you are tasting when you have a good cup of coffee? Or a bad one? Does coffee from Ethiopia really taste that different than coffee from Brazil? Now’s your chance to find out… Come join us Saturday morning for an introduction to the coffee industry ritual of “cupping.” We’ll give a demonstration, and brief explanation of why and how one pays close attention to coffee. Then you’ll have a chance to taste and compare coffees from around the world. By the time you leave, you’ll know be able to tell the bright, high notes of an African coffee from the thick, syrupy sweetness of a Sumatra. And you’ll have fun doing it! You can e-mail Daniel to reserve a spot or ask any questions, or you can just show up at the café Saturday morning! And bring a friend. daniel (at) victrolacoffee (dot) com

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