Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak
Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak

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12oz valved bag

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Coconut, Oak, Peat

Flavor: Lime, Balsamic, Rye Whiskey Body: Syrupy

Finish: Brisk

Acidity: Juicy

Roaster's Notes:

The Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak comes from selected producers surrounding the town of Lintong Nihuta in the province of Sumatera Utara (Northern Sumatra). This area is located on the southern shores of Lake Toba, which is the largest volcanic lake in the world. The soil around the southern part of the lake is volcanic which leads to exceptional terrain for growing coffee. The town of Lintong Nihuta sits on a plateau that ranges from 1000 meters to 1300 meters. The producers of this coffee are small farmers who have been recognized to produce exceptional coffee.

These farmers run small two to four hectare plantations with each hectare consisting of approximately 1000 coffee trees. The farmer processes and depulps the coffee on the farm. After depulping she stores the coffee overnight, allowing it to ferment, and washes the following day. After washing the farmer will briefly dry the coffee to remove the moisture from the exterior of the parchment and delivers the coffee to the exporter’s production facility. At this point the coffee is inspected to ensure that it meets the exporter’s expectations. If the coffees pass this inspection it is put into greenhouses for drying down to about 40% moisture. At this point, the coffee hulled and then put back into the greenhouse for further drying. After the coffee is dried to 12 to 13% moisture content in the greenhouses, the coffee will be taken to a holding warehouse. It is then inspected again and graded to ensure that no errors were made during processing. The coffee is then warehoused for 2 months, goes through a final grading and hand sorting, and is finally prepared for export.

Deliciously pungent notes of preserved peach, balsamic vinegar, oak and coconut cream permeate the aroma. In the cup, an array of layered complexity abounds. Exceptional high-notes of lime, cardamom and aromatic resin play against low tones of rye whiskey, leather and fresh peat. The coffee’s richly full body and mouth-watering acidity create a truly complete coffee that is not to be missed.


Producer Group: Boru Batak

Town: Lintong Nihuta

Province: Sumatera Utara

Region: Humbang Hasundutan Altitude:1000 - 1300 MASL

Process: Wet Hulled

Varieties: Ateng, Jember, Garundang

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