Nicaragua Mozonte Finca Un Regalo de Dios El Aserradero
$ 18.00

12oz valve bag

Tasting Notes:
Fragrance/Aroma: Milk Chocolate, Toasted Rice, Herbal
Flavor:  Melon, Plum, Nutmeg, Sweet Pea, Pepper
Body: Rich
Finish: Slightly Lingering
Acidity: Moderate

Coffee Story:
If you’ve been following Victrola in recent months you might know that last April, we traveled down to Nicaragua to visit our good friend Luis Albert Balladerez and his renowned dry mill, Beneficio Las Segovias. We have worked with BLS for a number of years, and our goal for the trip was to taste some from the most recent harvest and connect with a few farmer-friends of ours in the area. When we arrived at Las Segovias on the second day of our trip, Luis Alberto had set up around 15 lots of coffees from his own farm, Finca Un Regalo De Dios, for us to cup. We had the pleasure of featuring one of Luis Alberto’s coffees last year; so we were eager to get one or two of his coffees booked again

This very small lot is a honey processed red catual, that had so much character and sweetness on the cupping table that we had to reserve it. It comes from a section of the farm called “El Aserradero”. Finca URDD is around 120 acres in size, and is arranged into named sections based on altitude--which  range from 1500 to 1800 meters above sea level. Honey processed coffees tend to have a heavier body more sweetness than washed coffees. This is an outstanding example of one the great honey processed coffees that have started being produced in Nicaragua in recent years.

Producer: Luis Alberto Balladerez
Farm: Finca Un Regalo De Dios
Town: Mozonte
Region: Nueva Segovia
Elevation: 1500 - 1800 MASL
Process: Honey
Variety: Red Catuai
Dry Mill: Beneficio Las Segovias