• Honduras Santa Barbara Denis Teruel

Honduras Santa Barbara Denis Teruel

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Roaster's Notes:

We couldn’t be more proud to be continuing our longstanding partnership with Finca Las Brisas and Denis Teruel. We have been committed to purchasing the entirety of Sr. Teruel’s specialty crop since 2013, and his coffee manages to get better year after year.

In recent years Honduras has made great strides in bringing exceptional coffees to market. In the past, transportation and processing difficulties have created challenges for a country that has all the right ingredients to produce great coffee. At the forefront of Honduras’s budding specialty scene is Beneficio San Vicente, a coffee dry mill in the Santa Barbara region. Located in the town of Peña Blanca and run by agronomist Angel Arturo Paz, BSV has processed numerous award-winning coffees from the surrounding villages of El Cielito, El Cedral, and Las Flores. The Beneficio is committed to providing equipment, support and expertise to their farmers. A few years back they provided Sr. Teruel with the material to build a solar dryer on his farm, enabling his coffee to be dried quickly and evenly while preventing the coffee from being transported to the mill wet. The results of this support and commitment is very much evident in the coffee’s quality.

In the cup, pleasant aromas of caramel and chocolate-covered raisin are instantly noticed. Notes of grape molasses and dried fruits carry the coffee across the palate into a rich chocolate and toasted almond finish. Medium-bodied yet smooth, the coffee’s deep flavors and crisp acidity come together in a pleasantly resonating finish.


Producer: Denis Teruel

Farm: Finca Las Brisas

Town: El Cielito

Region: Santa Barbara

Altitude:1500 MASL

Process: Washed

Varietals: Pacas, Bourbon

Dry Mill: Beneficio San Vicente

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Caramel, Chocolate-Covered Raisin, Dried Fruit

Flavor: Grape Molasses, Chocolate, Toasted Almond

Body: Medium

Finish: Smooth

Acidity: Crisp

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