Honduras Caracolillo
$ 17.00

12 oz valve bag


Country: Honduras
Region: Santa Barbera
Producer: Several Producers from the towns of El Cielito, El Cedral, El Sauce, Las Flores
Elevation: 1450-1700 masl
Process: Washed
Varietal(s): Catuai, Pacas, Lempira

Tasting Notes:

honeydew, brown sugar, tropical

Roaster's Notes:  

Located in the town of Peña Blanca and run by agronomist Angel Arturo Paz, Beneficio San Vicente has processed numerous Cup of Excellence winners from the surrounding villages of El Cielito, El Cedral, and Las Flores in recent years. The coffees from these areas are known for their sweetness, lush fruit, and balance. 

This lot is named ‘Caracolillo’ because it is a peaberry sorted coffee. Caracol means snail in Spanish and is the local term used for a peaberry coffee. Caracolillo translates into English as little snail. The Caracolillo is a peaberry sorting of numerous small farms throughout the region, from El Cielito, El Cedral, El Sauce and Las Flores. This incredibly small lot is a wonderful representation of the nuance and delicacy that Honduran coffee is capable of when it is processed correctly.

At the center of this attention to processing is Beneficio San Vicente, the same mill that finished our beautiful Honduras Denis Teruel lot. By paying close attention to the drying process and ensuring that the parchment coffee is dried evenly and quickly and not transporting coffee while it is wet, the clarity and sweetness of the coffee is preserved in remarkable cup quality.  The effort and investment put forth into the processing of the Caracolillo shines through in the cup!