Holiday Blend 2018
$ 18.75

Here in Seattle, it feels like Winter is on its way.  We are starting to slow down a step and seek comfort against the cold.  It is also a time of anticipation, excitement, and gathering with friends and relatives during the Holidays.  
We wanted our seasonal coffee to reflect those ideas of comfort and excitement. With that in mind, the Holiday Blend weaves together three of our favorite coffees to create a cup with a comforting, rustic backbone of chocolate and nuts with an exciting burst of fruit and spice.  It is a great coffee to start the day, or to compliment a rich meal. We hope you enjoy this seasonal blend as much as we are.

Tasting Notes
Fragrance/Aroma: glazed pecan, caramel, gingerbread, pumpkin pie spice
Flavor: chocolate, toasted pecan, walnut, carrot cake, cinnamon, blackberry, lemon, apple
Body: meduim
Finish: slightly lingering, chocolately
Acidity: mellow


50% Brazil Sitio Baixadao, natural process
25% Ethiopia “Ardi”, natural process
25% Burundi Kirema Women’s Coffee, washed process

Regions: Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil; Sidama, Ethiopia; Kayanza, Burundi
Elevation: Various
Process:  Two naturals and one washed
Varieties: Various