Haiku for Spring
$ 18.75

12 oz valve bag

Nicaragua, Kenya

Tasting Notes:
Raspberry Jam, Puff Pastry, Milk Chocolate

Roaster's Notes:
For a springtime blend, we wanted to capture the essence of the change from cold darkness to the feeling of refreshing newness. With Spring comes cleansing rains, the smell of wet earth, blossoming trees, and the opportunity to seek out the trails and activities we’ve been missing for the past several months.

From the farm Finca un Regalo de Dios of Luis Alberto Balladerez in Nicaragua, comes a single varietal lot of red catuai processed two different ways - washed and natural. These coffees provide a solid backbone of cacao, graham cracker, and spice cake, and a pleasant mellow sweetness. With these two coffees, we threw in a dash of Kiriga Peaberry from Dr. Brian Gakunga’s farm in Kenya. Being a peaberry - which is a naturally occurring mutation where only one instead of two seeds develop inside the cherry - this coffee brings a sugared sweetness akin to puffed wheat cereals, as well as more refined flavors such as black currant and muscat grape.