Ethiopia Asikana Wayu Koli Natural
$ 18.75

12 oz valve bag

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Zone: West Welega
District: Aira
Kebele: Asikana Farm, Wayu Koli, Lalisa Birbir, Katta Abba Korma
Producer: Asikana Cooperative
Elevation: 1,500-1,700 masl
Process: Natural
Varietals: Sende, Kuburi, 744, 74140, 74110
Importer: San Cristobal

Tasting Notes:
Peach, Soft Florals, Grapefruit

Roaster's Notes:
San Cristobal, importer of this coffee, has been working in the Nayarit region of Mexico since 1996, providing market access, education and training, business development, and more to the surrounding community of hundreds of farmers. When James, the founder of San Cristobal, had the opportunity to sit down with Bodja Gelalecha from Ethiopia to talk about Bodja’s new farm, it quickly blossomed into a partnership that would lead to successful production and export of high quality coffee from very young trees.

509 kilometers from the capital city of Addis Ababa, sits 85 hectares of coffee farmland, known as Asikana. This farm is also a Cooperative, and purchases coffee from the surrounding community of producers - known as outgrowers - to process, blend, and export. Community coffees, such as this one, are blends of the community’s coffees. To determine that blend is a long process of experimentation, with the goal being to have greater variety to offer to buyers. Very rarely do we as buyers get to learn about each smaller community that contributes to each resulting coffee. Thanks to San Cristobal’s outstanding commitment to traceability, we know exactly what went into this coffee.

Wayu Koli, one of these outgrowers mentioned before, is a Kebele - neighborhood or small community - just a handful of kilometers away. This coffee is named for this Kebele, as they are the highest contributor to this blend, outside Asikana Farm itself.

This blend is specifically composed to bring out stonefruit qualities such as peach, while providing a pleasant floral aroma.

In just their second year of exporting, the Asikana Cooperative is proving that when the focus turns toward quality and land stewardship, the reward is greater. We’re super excited to be one of the first roasters to showcase this exquisite coffee.

This coffee is Certified Shade-Grown Bird Friendly.