Costa Rica Alajuela William Murillo
Costa Rica Alajuela William Murillo Costa Rica Alajuela William Murillo
$ 18.50

(12oz Valved bag)

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Watermelon Candy, Honey, Nut

Flavor: Watermelon, Pecan, Oat, Cherry

Body: Juicy

Finish: Clean

Acidity: Crisp

Roaster’s Notes:

This is the second year of our ongoing collaboration with the superb coffee of Don William Murillo. William has been dedicated to coffee for over half a century, but his commitment to quality as soared in recent years thanks to a partnership with our friends at Hacienda Sonora; who introduced us to Mr. Murillo back in late 2015. Hacienda Sonora is quickly becoming well known for producing some of the best coffee in the Alajuela region of Costa Rica. They are a full-service wet and dry mill that has been processing William’s coffee for a number of years. This year’s lot has been processed using the “black honey” method. The term ‘honey processed’ indicates that after the coffee is de-pulped and dried with the sticky coffee fruit on the beans. In order to achieve the “black honey” process, the coffee is dried on raised beds, covered with a dark tarp and agitated as little as possible. This process is among the most prized and labor-intensive of all honey-processing techniques, and requires a high degree of expertise. The process takes a minimum of two weeks, and the coffee must be carefully monitored throughout the process to ensure that it remains completely free from mold and mildew. When done correctly, the lack of light and agitation of the beans impart them with a rich, dark red-black color. This lot is one of the best examples of the black honey process that we’ve ever encountered.

Strikingly sweet notes of watermelon candy and honey permeate the dry fragrance. In the cup, the juicy watermelon note is accompanied by low tones of pecan and toasted oats. The fruit notes gain complexity as the coffee cools, and watermelon becomes cherry. The flavors are carried forth by a crisp acidity through to an exceptionally clean and juicy finish.


Town: San Miguel de Grecia, Alajuela

Region: West Valley

Elevation: 1600-1700 MASL

Process: Black Honey

Varietal: Caturra

Producer: William Murillo

Mill: Hacienda Sonora