Rwanda Gakenke Hinga Kawa - Peaberry

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(12 oz valve bag)

Tasting Notes:

Fragrance/Aroma: Grape, Pear, Hibiscus

Flavor: Grape, Peach, Brown Sugar

Body: Syrupy

Finish: Crisp

Acidity: Sparkling


Roaster’s Notes:

Here we have an exceptionally rare and special microlot from our dear friends at the Hinga Kawa Women’s Cooperative. Years ago we asked them if they were capable of producing smaller lots, and we suggested that they start by separating their peaberries. We were thrilled and amazed when several years later our pal Ben Ray of Green Origins--who works closely with Hinga Kawa and brings this coffee into the States--contacted us to let us know that they had assembled a peaberry lot just for us! Here are some of Ben’s thoughts on this unprecedented new lot in his own words:


“In Rwanda, most of the bananas grown in the countryside are the mini Ladyfinger and Orito varieties. The Ladyfingers, which are the sweetest and best tasting in Rwanda are a natural favorite. It is from this variety where a tradition evolved. These bananas grow in bushels, and sometimes two mini bananas grow to become fused together. It is said that if a woman stumbles upon a double banana within a cluster, she will give birth to twins.

Most coffee cherries contain two seeds, which face each other inside the berry, becoming flattened along one side as they develop. Occasionally, only one seed inside a berry will germinate and grow and these are known as peaberries. Coffee peaberries are unique in that only one of the two seeds is fertilized, leading to a small round coffee bean with no flat side and therefore, no twin. It is estimated that only 5% of all coffee is peaberry; and in Rwanda--at the Hinga Kawa Women’s cooperative--it is as rare and fortuitous as having twins.

In the absence of their husbands, family and community nucleus, these brave women are attempting to earn a better and brighter living in a post-genocide era. In this collective effort they have come together to innovate and create a differentiated product; carefully selecting and separating these rare and unique peaberries while understanding the risks of what it means to take the initial leap of faith.”

In the coffee’s aroma you’ll immediately notice sweet notes of peach, pear and brown sugar. The fruit flavors become noticeably more tropical in the cup--with a syrupy body and sparkling high- notes of hibiscus and grape shining through. The cup’s rich, juicy flavors resonate throughout a complex and flavor-saturated finish.


Region: Rushashi, Gakenke District

Altitude: 1700-1900 MASL

Mill: Abakundakawa

Process: Washed

Varietals: Mostly Bourbon

Producer: Hinga Kawa Women’s Association

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