Colombia Los Guacharos Pink Bourbon
$ 21.00

12 oz valve bag

Country: Colombia
Farm: Five Community Members
Producer: Los Guacharos
Elevation: 1750 masl
Process: Washed
Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Tasting Notes:

Nectarine, Raspberry, Cocoa

Los Guacharos is a true coffee cooperative. The members of Los Guacharos actually care for one another and take personal investment in the success of their co-member’s farms. Each member of this community can often be found helping on the farms of other members, assisting with daily production but also in educating each other on new systems that can be implemented.

These coffees have been hand picked at the peak of freshness, depulped and then fermented for as long as possible to develop the coffees sweetness. From this point each of the five producers uses their own process but most dry the coffee on raised African beds, and then store it in grainpro in order to rest and prepare for blending and export.

The members of the group have started the conversion to fully ecological and regenerative production, close to biodynamics. The Guacharos produce a brew (called Super Magro) made up of organic minerals and waste products, molasses, bone ash and manure, fermented with microorganisms collected from virgin soils and used as a fertilizer and protectant from disease. The Super Magro is edible, incredibly effective, and represents a producer-driven grassroots movement empowering producers to increase soil health, reduce costs and stop dependence on chemicals.