Colombia Nilson Lopez
$ 17.50

12 oz valve bag

Country: Colombia
Region: Nariño
Town: Medina Espejo
Farm: Finca San Antonio
Producer: Nilson Lopez
Elevation: 2,000-2,200 masl
Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra
Importer: Shared Source

Tasting Notes:
Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Toffee

Roaster's Notes:
Medina Espejo is a small township of the larger town of Buesaco, where Nilson Lopez serves as mayor. Because Nilson understands the financial prosperity that is possible when focus is placed on producing quality coffee, his primary platform has been one that works to extend those same benefits to more smallholder producers. Specifically, Nilson hopes to help 250 smallholder producers by allocating resources to the most vulnerable to improve on-site processing and drying infrastructure, donating $11,000,000 Colombian pesos to improve fermentation tanks, de-pulping machines, parabolic dryers or patios.

The producer of Finca San Antonio, Sr. Nilson Luis Lopez, comes from a family of coffee farmers in the town of Buesaco, Columbia. In 2012, Sr. Lopez shifted his focus to managing the tree health on his Mother’s El Bado farm. The coffee from El Bado placed first in the Southern Colombia Cup of Excellence that same year. He has since inherited Finca San Antonio.

Sr. Lopez grows mainly the cataurra cultivar and focuses on a consistent and high-scoring product. To do this, Sr. Lopez uses a Brix* Refractometer to measure the sucrose levels in his cherries as they ripen, harvesting them when the crop reaches 27º Brix. Having this sugar content level helps keep his coffee fermentation and processing outcomes consistent and vibrant. 

The coffee goes through a very disciplined processing method that starts with 24 hours of in-pulp-cold fermentation. After the coffee is pulped it goes into a plastic tank where it undergoes a washed fermentation process. Sr. Lopez has the coffee agitated every 4 hours to ensure effective fermentation. Instead of following a timetable for his fermentation, Sr. Lopez measures the ph level in the tank. When it hits 4.7ph, he removes the coffee from the water and dries in parchment for 20-25 days, thereby making his coffees washed process.

Following all these methods has increased the overall value of the coffee produced in Finca San Antonio. Sr. Lopez shares his knowledge and techniques with other small lot producers and farmers around Buesaco. Furthermore, he has recently been elected the Mayor of Buesaco. One of the main platforms promotes is improving equipment quality on all local farms. To do this, he has donated 11,000,000 Colombian pesos to this project (equivalent to $2,747 US dollars). This money has been used for fermentation tanks, higher quality pulping machines, and upgrading drying operations at each farm. 

We at Victrola want to highlight his dedication and showcase his coffee. The roast profile was set to highlight notes of black cherry, dark chocolate, and toffee identified while sample roasting and cuppings this coffee. We hope that you will enjoy this beautiful coffee!

*Brix is a unit of measurement for sugar levels in food and beverages.