• Burundi Kayanza Mpanga Ryirengeye

Burundi Kayanza Mpanga Ryirengeye

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Roaster's Notes:

Burundi is a country in central Africa bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The Ryirengeye lot was processed at the Mpanga washing station, which is located in the Kayanza Province in the northern part of the country.

In 2008, Jean Clement Birabereye, took his fifteen years of experience in the Burundi coffee industry and founded the SEGEC (loosely translated from French as the Society for Producing and Exporting Coffee). The SEGEC built the Mpanga washing station in 2008, which it currently operates. The station receives and processes coffees from over 300 smallholder farms that are owned by families in the area surrounding the washing station. Jean Clement’s experience and dedication to sorting and processing have already earned SEGEC a reputation for producing high quality coffee, as evidenced by the facts that SEGEC was recognized by both the the Burundi Cup of Prestige in 2011 and was the winner of the Burundi Cup of Excellence in 2014!

Mpanga was the first coffee Victrola ever directly purchased and imported. We strive for transparency in our coffee sourcing and have developed strong relationships with the importers, co-ops and farmers from whom we buy coffee. Even in our most direct relationships, we rely on an importing partner to manage the logistics of the transaction. in 2014  we bought the coffee directly from SEGEC and worked together to import the coffee to the US. For the past two years, the coffee from Mpanga has been imported by our friends at InterAmerican Coffee, whom we were happy to introduce to SEGEC. We are so pleased to be offering the outstanding Ryirengeye lot this year, and are ecstatic to be working with Jean Clement and sharing the beautiful coffee being produced at Mpanga.


Province: Kayanza

Washing Station: Mpanga

Dry Mill: SIVCA

Elevation: 5987 ft

Average farm size per producer: 188 coffee trees

Process: Washed and sun dried on raised African beds.

Varietals: Bourbon

Producer: SEGEC

Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, Coriander, Cocoa

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