Brazil Serra das Tres Barras
$ 17.00

Retail Price:  $17.00/12oz

Town: Carmo de Minas
Region: Mantiqueria de Minas
Farmer: José Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira
Altitude: 1430 MASL
Process: Pulped Natural
Varietals: Catucai
Cooperative: COCARIVE

Tasting Notes:
Fragrance/Aroma: Nutty, Pine, Caramel
Flavor: Macadamia Nut, Grape, Olive, Fragrant Wood, Cinnamon, Baker’s Cocoa
Body: Rich
Finish: Lingering and Woodsy
Acidity: Moderate

Roaster's Notes:

Fazenda Serra das Tres Barras belongs to producer José Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira, together with his three sons (Kleber, Ralph and Herbert de Castro Junqueira) and his wife Margarida Maria de Castro Junqueira. The family has a cultivated area of 160 hectares of coffee, spread over six properties belonging to the group. The family’s coffee trees are cultivated in fertile soils, with elevations varying from 1100 to 1450 meters. The climate features amenable temperature during the entire year and annual rainfall varying from 1700 to 2200 mm. The Junqueira family searches for all ways of vigorously preserving the natural forest and many springs that exist on their properties. The Junqueira family has been farming for eight generations.Their farms rely on the ongoing collaboration of eight direct employees and their families and, further, on the service of another thirty workers during the times of harvest--when the demand for labor is higher. The coffees are picked by hand which is quite uncommon in Brazil, where the vast majority of coffees are strip-picked mechanically. Fazenda Serra das Três Barras is certified by the Minas Gerais State Coffee Certification Program, “Certifica Minas”, which recognizes a relentless search for quality and sustainability.