Burundi Bavyeyi Dushime
$ 22.00

Country: Burundi
Region: Ngozi
Farm: Small lot of Farmers
Producer: Bavyeyi Cooperative
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Process: Natural
Variety: Bourbon

Tasting Notes:

Strawberry, Tamarind, Brown Sugar

Roaster's Notes

We found Bavyeyi through our friend Jeanine (owner & founder of JNP Coffee). Bavyeyi is translated to “Parent” from Kirundi to English and is a touching tribute to Jeanine’s family as this coffee was grown where Jeanine’s mother grew up. This coffee is extremely close to her heart and as with every coffee Jeanine champions it is unrivaled in quality!
JNP works with a couple women-owned coffee stations in Burundi, and this group is our favorite in their connections. This coffee is from a new region for us in Burundi and we are very excited to explore it together. Muyinga is a very remote region of Burundi, roughly 60 miles from the capital city of Gitega. 60 miles doesn't seem like a lot but because of road conditions and weather this trip can usually take 5-6 hours. Bavyeyi is only producing natural process coffees currently although a new wet mill is being built near enough to their farms to start washed processing coffees. For high quality coffees the coffee cherry needs to be processed within the rst 24 hours or the cherry begins to decompose. Since their nearest wet mill is hours away the farmers in Muyinga have been forced to master natural processing. With the new wet mill being built the farmers in Muyinga will have access to producing high quality washed processed coffee as well as the ability to produce more coffee every season.